An open letter to Christian soldiers

Do you know what keeps me interested in Christianity despite my objections to large swaths of text in the Bible? The idea that what is most important to God and Jesus is service and compassion. Time after time, Jesus, the exalted King, lays down his position of privilege to serve others. In the story of the Good Samaritan, Jesus turned to the example of a nonreligious person who served another in need when asked by an expert in the law how he’d get a chance to go to heaven. In my life, I’ve been blessed by the generosity of Christians more times than I can count. I’ve seen that devotion to others by people of faith, and it is always humbling. But as someone who has long been confused about his own faith, I’ve seen a disturbing trend in the Christian culture: the bold emergence of the defensive, rule-loving, money-loving, war-loving Christian. In my country, God-fearing Christians often speak openly against homosexuals in monogamous relationships, against taxes used to serve the poor and in favor of war against their rule-worshipping, money-hungry, war-mongering enemies. Then, they blame the youth for turning away. What sets Christianity apart, or should, is the service and compassion of Christ. The big man, washing our dirty feet, and laying down his life on the disgusting Roman cross. Even godless atheists, same-sex couples and stubborn religious types could be compelled by such a love. Assuming, they had a chance to see it.


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