Christ didn’t cry on the cross

I support gay marriage. That doesn’t mean I think all Christians who disagree are bigots. It doesn’t mean I want to take over America. Or that I back or promote reverse discrimination.

I say that because I’m seeing and hearing a lot of victim stories from folks who were opposed to the SC decision. Some of the same folks who supported changing state constitutions when it was clear hearts were beginning to soften toward the inequality homosexuals long faced.

If you’ve found yourself on the wrong side of public opinion, purposefully, stand by your convictions. But don’t play the victim. As a supporter, I don’t see how you’ve been harmed. The tears I’m seeing look like alligator tears.

You follow Christ, right? Was he a victim?

The fact is the road to gay marriage equality was paved by a lot of Christians who got to know a coworker or who had a relative who was gay. And those people Christians knew didn’t match the molesters in Sodom their pastor told them about. Public opinion changed, opening the door for equal treatment under the law. Haven’t we seen this before? Remember the 15th Amendment? The 19th Amendment?

Is the world 6,000 years old? Did Noah live to be over 900? Tattoos. Shellfish. Stoning adulterers. Maybe when it comes to the law, when it comes to society’s default position, people who don’t take every line of the Bible literally shouldn’t be discriminated against.

Do we not have freedom from religion in America? Are all men not created equal? What does pursuit of happiness mean? Who are “We the People?”

Even our often religious, slave-owning founding fathers had the foresight to establish a system whereby people should be treated fairly under the law. Over time, rights have extended out from white property owners. I believe those five SC justices did nothing more than extend equal rights further.

It’s not America’s darkest day just because someone disagrees with you. I side with the majority opinion of the justices: Gay couples have seen the fruits of marriage, and they deserved the same protections under the law.

Aren’t committed, monogamous relationships worthy of a little support?

As a married heterosexual, I feel there is plenty of room in our shared world for both gay marriage and traditional marriage to coexist. Your pastor shouldn’t have to conduct a ceremony he doesn’t believe is right. Catholic priests aren’t required to conduct Baptist ceremonies, and our laws support their rights.

There are radicals on both sides, but the loudest voices are often wrong. I’m not an enemy, and I’m not better than you.

Let’s not assume that all voices are loud. I can see you out there, Christian friend. I want you to see me too.20150702-225612-82572102.jpg


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