Evolution, media bias and the GOP

I’ve voted for Republicans before. My mom and brother are conservatives. I support capitalism; I believe it’s the best way to offer the most freedom to the most people. I pray before I go to bed at night. I think Hillary should have never routed government emails to a personal server. I can see that Obamacare places unnecessary burdens on business and has done little, to this point, to reduce the cost of care for most Americans. Gun control efforts are often overreaching and misguided; the last time I checked, killing people was illegal right now. But that’s all you’re getting from me in terms of concessions. And frankly, if you’re fair-minded, I feel like my conservative brothers and sisters owe me a few reasonable concessions in return (just like a liberal, right? So entitled.). 

1. Evolution and climate change are real. The science on these topics is conclusive. We can debate solutions, or a need to seek solutions, I guess, but GOD only gave us one planet, and life is fragile, so the door to a convo should at least be open. Why the GOP insists on becoming the party of anti-knowledge is beyond me. 

2. The economy is better today than when Obama took office. This hardly seems worthy of debate, but for seven years I’ve heard my Rebuplican friends bitching about the economy, the “real unemployment rate” and the deficit (which has gone down since Bush) even as they call for more war and tax cuts. Yes, I know the nation’s debt is well into the teens of trillions of dollars. It’s a problem, but it’s not one worthy of panic. 

3. Roads and schools are good economic investments. A large body of evidence suggests that public investments in education and roads more than pay for themselves. Plus, it’s common sense, right? To create jobs, businesses and entrepreneurs need a qualified workforce and an infrastructure for trade. 

4. Universal health care is cheaper than our current system. Call it socialism, or argue that it shouldn’t be a function of our government, but please acknowledge what anyone who has studied the issue must conclude: universal health care is less expensive than our current system. 

5. The Middle East is a f’ing mess. Americans can agree that ISIS is a serious threat to peace and democracy in the region. Not to mention U.S. and Christians, in general. But are ground troops the answer? A hawkish attitude got us into this mess in the first place. Remember WMDs? Being welcomed as liberators? “Mission Accomplished?” The region is more nuanced than Fox News commentators have ever been willing to acknowledge. But please, tell me more about Benghazi

6. Nobody needs an automatic weapon. This seems self-evident. Would school shootings stop with an assault-weapons ban? No. No more than abortions would stop if they’re made illegal. But both sides press on believing until convinced otherwise they are fighting for what’s right. 

There’s more I could call on conservatives to acknowledge -Money trickles up, not down; Legalizing gay marriage isn’t a threat to anything – but I’d hate to be accused of liberal bias. Like CNBC. You know, the channel that covers Wall Street.