Gut check

Foggy bathroom, black gum on concrete.

Steel doors with a vertical gap one greasy thumb wide. 

Top volume long human hair pieces, one each for Boo, Scooter and Boo Scooter. 

Dang tranny makes me itch like I got cut hair and went laid in grass. 

Who dreams up to rob a hospital? Granny Tranny who. 

But I can’t work at the fabrication shop since Ellen found Pokie on the floor. The chain stretch outside, didn’t see a problem unless rain or Thursday. And fuck the office, Tom. 

Man, I want Raisin Bran. Two bowls ain’t enough; my throat’s dry. 

All I know is lights blinking, heart’s racing and by 10, I’ be shot or speedin’ that car speed to the Blue motel in Carcer. Hot fuck!

Let’s go, Ace! “Live or die don’t try, Mother Fucker.” The mirror is ready. 


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