In Tandem

And this is life: Forward motion.

Time passes and erases heroes with villains, farmers, families, foes. And when they vanish, they are never more we — this preposterous pirate’s crew. 

Loss is our language, our final expression. When friends meet their end, we cry to honor what was, and sign to own the note of their vacancy. 

Many veer off course. We dismiss debt knowing our own anchors too sit on silt. 

So ‘Rest in Peace’ we say. The laughter we shared in the valley’s shadow always proved we could. 

Ahead, we’re broken in tandem. Into the sea that swallows the sun we sail. Full speed!! 

Should, for some silly reason, all possibilities arise, I’ll chose your faith in me to find you.  

And bolstered by your confidence, I will. Lounging on shore. Waiting. Giggling with the good news we hoped for. 



I want to die with my glasses off.

I won’t worry for a blurry world we know goes on without us.

I’ll rest in death with a face that’s free from the weight of the lenses that sit on my nose thrown and steer these gullible eyes.

I’ll lay splayed like a squished cat on cool concrete. Just as I am.

I want to feel the black fog roll in and kiss these twitchy eyelids ‘night. Who can see the end of dreams anyway?