Expanding the base Trump style

So if Trump loses, do we lose our democracy? Talk from his supporters is actually turning to pitchforks and riots

Why? Trump — who has spent his entire adult life clamoring for and receiving public attention — says he’s not getting a fair shake from the media. That’s right, the same media so enamored with his divisive rhetoric that he barely had to advertise during the primaries; Clinton outspent Trump by $116 million in the party-focused part of the race.  

Of course, now that his off-camera self has been caught bragging about sexual aggression, that same media has the stones to publish stories coming forward from alleged victims claiming the kind of assault he was gabbing about. 

The media has a bunch of biases by the way, but it’s always slanted towards stories that produce revenue. If anyone should understand that, its Trump. Still, he can’t help but shovel coal into the campaign train he has driven off the tracks crying like a victim himself against the same media he’s used to build his empire. 

What is his strategy? How does this win over the growing group of people in the middle who might still vote for him? More than four in 10 people now identify as independent voters. So where is the exploration of the issues that might sway the uncommitted to the right? Trump arguing the system is rigged against him as the Republican candidate for president while conservatives still control the House and Senate is at odds with reality. 

But Trump isn’t spending his time on Twitter talking about lowering taxes; he’s insulting Alec Baldwin, Paul Ryan, Rosie O’Donnell. I. Don’t. Get. It.


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