Politics, Party, Push

Warning: not-so-brief-late-night-can’t-sleep political rant. Turn back now.

Trump is not a Republican. Yes, technically, he is, but make no mistake: this is a party-of-one guy. Remember when he threatened to run as an independent during the primary when it looked for a second like delegate games could break out.

For Trump, I believe, “Republican” was a vehicle to power. I think he would have run as Democrat if he thought that’d be easier. As it was, he exploited divisions within the GOP in the primary, and then, the great blue-red divide in the GE. All along, he held the media’s attention spouting bold lies and insults, nurtured the loyalty of his base by telling them what they wanted to hear and effectively demonized an already unpopular opponent. For all his faults, his political instincts were whip sharp. It turns out the best defense IS a good offense. And if you leverage from comrades a late poop push on Facebook, you don’t need great political canvassing or an endorsement from Jeb.

Now in power, what has he done? For sure, he has thrown his supporters some atta-boys — tax cuts, a conservative SC justice, a moratorium on regulation — but mostly, those are things that benefit any rich business man. He has also opposed states’ rights (see marijuana legalization), threatened gun seizures (yes, in an unfiltered moment after Parkland) pushed tariffs (so much for free trade), undermined the first amendment (FAKE NEWS!) and slandered our nation’s top law enforcement officials (Good Witch Hunting).

Lucky for us, Fox News is hip to this charade with its fair-and-balanced coverage. 🙄🤢 #godhelpus